Travel the world with one reusable SIM


One SIM, one world

MOGO S is a global data SIM card that covers more than 200 countries and regions.

over 200 countries and regionsover 200 countries and regionsover 200 countries and regions

Local rates - anywhere in the world

  • Global data packages starting from as low as 1 USD per day
  • Connect to the local network without paying huge roaming fees.
  • Flexible packages for all you need.

Reusable without changing SIM card

MOGO S is the best choice to have a no-hassle trip.

MOGO App's package store

Steps to activate MOGO S

step 1: bind SIM with MOGO account

Bind SIM with
MOGO Account

step2: Purchase package with iPoint

Purchase package
with iPoint

step 3: Reach destination

Reach destination

step 4: Insert SIM

Insert SIM

Loved by global travellers

Business traveller

Business traveller

I visit my clients in different countries every year. Changing and keeping the different SIM card is a hassle. Luckily, the MOGO is so convenient and becomes the first choice for my business trips. I can receive and make calls, as well as to send and receive messages after downloading the MOGO app.

Travel blogger

Travel blogger

I've made a lot of Vlog posts while traveling abroad. I used to worry that the public WiFi was unsafe and buying a local SIM card is a waste of my time. The flexible packages really meet my needs. The GB plan and Boost packages keeps me online to engage with my friends. It's my best travel companion!



I used to travel but the roaming fees are too expensive. The MOGO S enabled me to save up to 85% roaming fees and the 1 USD Per Day package is made for me!

global travel assistance

Scan the QR code to download the MOGO APP to access 24/7 customer support from MOGO Concierge.

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