eSIM Global Mobile WiFi Router

MOGO S2 MiFi device

Enjoy high-speed internet on
every device, anywhere you go

Built-in eSIM without
changing the SIM card

Switch the operator automatically with our OTA technology. Your data package will be activated on your S2 upon arrival.

built-in eSIM

OLED screen for real-time checking

WiFi signal, IMEI, password, battery level and network speed are easy to check at a glance.

Data usage info

  • Operator
  • Remaining data
  • Remaining time



WiFi password

Download rate

150 Mbps

Ultra-long standby time

400 hours*

Allows you to enjoy the best Wi-Fi experience no matter where or how far you travel. The MOGO S2 will connect to the strongest network for you, giving you internet access wherever you are.

*Based on trials in the MOGO lab. Actual standby time will differ depending on the number of connected devices and applications used.

Wireless power bank provides
greater power and more convenience

Supports frictionless charging and prolonged battery life with the S2X wireless charger and 6000mAh capacity on the go.

Purchase data package as you need

  • Global package that can be used in 200 countries and areas above
  • Flexible packages to meet all your travelling demands
  • Ready to use high-speed-data
MOGO App's package store
use MOGO App to monitor data usage

Monitor data
with the MOGO APP

Manage and monitor your data consumption, view connected devices and your network on the MOGO APP at any time.

Share network by QR code

Directly connect your MOGO S2 network by scanning the shared QR code without having to remember the Wi-Fi account and password.*

* QR code is for reference only, please refer to the actual product. 

Support various types of device

Perfectly compatible with mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Up to  10 devices supported

Pocket-sized network solution

pocket-size MiFi device

Best choice for any scenario

during a long journey

Long journeys

having business trips

Business trips

gathering with friends

Friends get-together

having conference

Online conferences

Secure charging anytime

  • Faster and safer charging with multi-protect safety system
  • High-speed wireless charging with magnetic coupling

global travel assistance

Scan the QR code to download the MOGO APP to access 24/7 customer support from MOGO Concierge.

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MOGO App, the global travel assistance