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MOGO's OTA platform

OTA platform

Over-the-air platform (OTA) is a wireless technology standard that utilises wireless aggregator as a wireless distribution medium to transmit and receive data, optimising the configuration of data updates in SIM card through remote access via wireless communication. Data transfer is processed through SMS, GPRS and other related mobile technologies. Based on the requirements of “Global Platform” technological module, secure data transfer is highly prioritised.

We are providing iOTA services riding on OTA technologies to achieve tailored SIM resources management. This will enable the SIM card to obtain data and use them at real-time via remote access to fulfil the needs and requirements of our clients.

iOTA services

01 | Code management

Integrating with iFREE MOGO S SIM card, iOTA is able to obtain data through its operators via remote access from its code resources.

02 | Preferred roaming

With iOTA services, it can remotely manage the SIM’s “Public Land Mobile Network” list, this is to ensure that the SIM card can obtain better network services.

03 | Application management

iOTA services support SIM applications, this expands the scope of development on SIM applications.

04 | Business management

iOTA services provide business management functionality that could assist businesses in further development in transmission management.

05 | Monitoring management

iOTA enables the client to glimpse through on network conditions with the use of surveillance monitoring services.

eSIM technology

With the development of the Internet of Things technology and globalization, more and more customers have put forward higher standards and requirements for equipment space, cost, standardization, etc. Due to more restrictions in size and other aspects, traditional SIMs are gradually unable to meet customer requirements. The smaller size, lower power consumption, easier standardization and generalization of eSIM came into being.

iFREE eSIM supports DFN8 2 * 2 and 5 * 6 package sizes. It also supports operators ’2G / 3G / 4G networks, supports one card with multiple numbers, and supports up to 20 million write operations.


eSIM solutions

Our eSIM team's technical background and expertise are capable to customize different eSIM solutions for enterprises.

wearable devices

Wearable devices

Remove the card slot, improve dust and water resistance, position monitoring and health monitoring anytime, anywhere.

internet of vehicles

Internet of Vehicles

Enable cross-border service capabilities of vehicle enterprises through global network to enhance core competitiveness.

internet of things

Internet of Things

No need to wait for the future network infrastructure to be laid.

smart devices

Smart devices

Not limited by WiFi coverage with real-time online services, such as POS machines, smart water and electricity meters, charging piles, mobile advertising screens, and more.

Our eSIM service currently has the following capabilities:

countries & territories
total service

What can eSIM technology bring to enterprises?

Low cost for the whole system, enabling development
Multi-scene strong service, enabling applications
Global connectivity on demand, empowering strength
Permanently online without disconnection, enabling services
Cloud platform and cloud service, enabling management

Global network resources

At present, we have cooperated with operators around the world to achieve a global network and have unparalleled network resources, providing a solid foundation for the globalization of product networks.

global network


operators around the world